Creating A Winning Dissertation Proposal In Nursing

Nursing is an interesting field of study and requires the students to be dedicated and hard working. If you are a student of nursing, then you must be passionate about it to be able to succeed. Students cannot work hard or create winning assignments if they have the least level of interest in the subject. A dissertation is one of the most important academic papers you will complete for your career during nursing because it decides whether you qualify for the degree as well as determines your selection in most job interviews. You have to pay careful attention and dig deep if you want to impress your professors and score well in your dissertation.

The proposal of the dissertation is an overview or a trailer of your paper. It is more as if you watch a trailer of a film or a production before it is released. This needs to highlight the main features of your work and engage your audience to know more about your paper. While a trailer is informal and serves the entertainment industry, a proposal for dissertation is formal and written in academic style. You have to present a precise and clear overview to your audience so that they can approve of your ideas and give you the go ahead to write your dissertation.

  1. Your proposal should present the title or topic you are addressing in your paper. Even if you are yet to finalize the topic, you should at least give your subject area and include the thesis statement for your paper. The thesis statement will help the professors identify the core aim of your paper and decide whether it is worth investing time and efforts.

  2. You should explain the problem you are addressing in your work and the significance of this problem as well. This means that you should tell your professors what you are going to address and why is it important to address this issue. You can carry out literature review to support this part in your proposal.

  3. After you have discussed “what the problem is” and “why it is important to address this problem,” you have to step to “How you will address this problem.” This should show the proposed methods you would use to gather your data for the paper and the way you will prove your stance or thesis.

  4. Make sure you proposal is not a story or an endless debate. It should be precise and relevant.

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