List Of 12 Unique Ideas For Your Dissertation On Counseling

Writing a dissertation on counseling is a brilliant idea, because it is not just about writing the paper. It is also about being in the shoes of the counsellor and the patient from time to time, and dishing out advice on things that take place every other day. Ideally this is a paper that anyone should be able to write with ease, so you should not really have a difficult time with it at all.

Choosing a good topic is a good thing, because it helps you stake your claim to the reader’s attention as early as possible, and this also makes it easier for you to score higher grades for the same reason. The following are some unique ideas that you can present for your paper in counselling, and it will also make things easier for you when your papers are being graded:

  1. Discuss how to establish a therapeutic counseling relationship
  2. Discuss any two theories that have been advanced so far, with respect to biblical consoling
  3. Explain the difference between spiritual discernment and vocational counseling
  4. Discuss why 12 step programs to counseling are not always applicable to all those who are looking for help
  5. Hypnosis has for a really long time been used as a means of treating patients. This is something that has over the years assisted a lot of patients. Discuss how it works
  6. Anger management is a major issue in the world today. Discuss how exposure to different stimuli is making kids grow up with a lot of anger issues, and propose measures that can be put in place to make sure that these issues are dealt with at the basic level
  7. Antidepressants are always used from time to time to help in dealing with a number of issues. Explain how these eventually become a part of the bigger problem
  8. Discuss the concept of logotherapy, and how it can be used to help certain patients
  9. Prisoner rehabilitation is an important part of getting back into society. Discuss the challenges that are faced by the patients
  10. Explain how play therapy can be used to help an individual
  11. What is career counseling and discuss how students can benefit from this over time, especially when it comes to choosing whether to get into formal employment, or going into business
  12. Explain how music therapy works

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