What Does A Proper Thesis Paper Layout Look Like?

It is difficult for student to take risks when it comes to such assignments because they cannot compromise on their career. Most of the students do not have any experience with writing these papers and start to panic when they are to write a thesis.

If you pay careful attention and understand the overall structure of a thesis, you will not have any problem in writing it. Generally, the layout would have the following

  1. The title of your paper
  2. The abstract
  3. Acknowledgements and dedications
  4. The introduction
  5. The body of the paper
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Conclusion
  9. Citation and references

Title page

The title page of your paper is the first thing the reader will see. It does not contain much information or any complicated instructions. You must include the approved title of the paper in the style preferred by the format you are following. The sub-title of the work and the numbers of volume if there are more than one. You must include your full name including the surname and forename both. This page does not require a number like other pages in your assignment. You must as well include the name and the proper title of the professor in charge of your paper and the department for which you have to create this assignment


The abstract is next to the title page and is short in length maximum 250 words. It is a summary of your entire work where you show the scope of your work, significance of your paper, the problem you will address in your paper, and the method through which you will collect your data. It is important that you give a complete and clear overview of your paper in the abstract to engage your readers

Acknowledgement and dedications

This section where you will write a dedication of your work to someone helped or inspired you in writing this project. It could be your instructor, parents, or anyone. Keep it short and simple

Main Body of the Thesis

The body of your paper includes the introduction, major arguments, supporting evidence and the conclusion. Each page in the body will have a number and you have to include this number in the center of the foot of each page until the end

Citation and Referencing Guides

Include all the sources of works you have cited so far


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