Network Security Dissertation Ideas: 10 Topics You Can Handle

Looking back to the past century, it is amazing to realize that the Internet was barely invented before the 90's. Nowadays, it is impossible to think of our lifestyle without the worldwide web. Computer systems have spread to each aspect of every day's life. And this tendency is growing non-stop. This is why the concern in network security has increased in the past few years. Read more in order to find out our to-ten topics on this subject.

  1. The security of the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, gadgets are connected to the Internet in a regular basis. We cannot conceive our devices without some sort of connectivity, we need to share data. Wearables are trendy; such as smart-watches and life bands. But, are they safe enough not to share our personal data without our permission?
  2. How to avoid being affected by malware? This is arguably the 1-million question for many people. There are quite a few alternatives, such as having a powerful anti-virus or installing another OS. Research on this topic in order to come up with appealing conclusions.
  3. Is an anti virus enough or do you need more layers of security? Backup copies are also very useful in order to avoid data loss. In other words, anti virus may not be enough in some cases. What other software tool could be handy in this regard?
  4. The future of network security in the next few years. Due to the increasing concern on security issues, what is yet to come in this field?
  5. Possible repercussions of having a vulnerable network. If you lack the security measures, you may end up losing a lot of money in the long term even without realising.
  6. The growing cyber-terrorism threat. Nowadays, large companies need to rise their security protocols in order to avoid data loss and other cyber-terrorist attacks.
  7. Main concerns in network security in the present.
  8. Best solutions to nowadays security issues. There are a few options for you to assure the security of your network, such as using software tools or even getting disconnected from the Internet.
  9. Most important features for companies regarding network security. What are the main concerns for large companies in this regard?
  10. What to expect in this field in 2015? This year, we will see more developments in both sides, the cyber-terrorist menace and its counterpart.

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