10 Interesting Dissertation Writing Ideas for Nursing Students

When you start writing a big research project like a dissertation, you begin with the choice of a good topic. A good topic is the one that you like. It makes you feel excited about the further research and belongs to an area that you already know pretty well. In case you need to come up with a topic idea on your own, you should make sure that the one you choose or develop is really interesting for you. If you need to compose a good nursing project topic, the main thing you require is some inspiration. You can get it through some brainstorming and putting down your own ideas. It’s also a good way to remember the most important points you have encountered during the studying. Besides that, you can get the inspiration from reading numerous nursing topic ideas that are listed on the Internet. There are websites that provide enough interesting ideas for free.

What is a good topic for such a big project as a dissertation? A good topic is the one that is novel for the researched area, not overly used, attractive for further researching. Sometimes, if you experience problems with invention of a good nursing topic, you should turn to your supervisor who is definitely knowledgeable about the areas of the subject that need to be researched in the first turn, that are interesting for the audience, or that will give you wide opportunities for further exploration of the field.

Below, you will also find several suggestions that can be used for your project.

  1. Problems of proper nursing care for patients with grave mental diseases.
  2. The importance of friendly nurses’ attitude towards patients and its role in quick recovery.
  3. Home care for Alzheimer patients and problems their family members and spouses can encounter.
  4. The importance of being patient to schizophrenic sufferers and listening to their delusions.
  5. Do female and male patients have the same needs and require the same attitude from nurses?
  6. Do friendly attitude and kind attention help treat sick children with grave diseases?
  7. The importance and usefulness of nontraditional treatment methods like art, aroma, laughter, sound therapy, etc.
  8. Gardening therapy as a means that can be useful for elderly patients in home care schemes.
  9. The importance of a homely atmosphere and a normal family climate for mental issue home care.
  10. Does attentive nursing help teenagers with psychological issues build a proper self-esteem and overcome depression?

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