A List Of The Most Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing is definitely not for everyone; you need to be really passionate about this if you want to be successful. Of course, if you work hard and you pay attention to all your assignments you can become one of the best. Your marketing dissertation will be the most interesting and the most difficult papers that you will ever have to complete. Choosing a good topic is vital, so take a look at these ideas before writing your composition:

  • Starting a business with a small budget. Let’s be realistic: many people want to start a business but they don’t have a lot of money. You can build your dissertation around this idea and explain to them how they can do this with a small budget. Your colleagues will be very interested in this.
  • How to attract and keep clients? Many stores have very good prices, but they don’t keep their clients for a long time. This is because they don’t know what techniques to apply. You can discuss about these techniques in your composition and make a demonstration.
  • Commercials. We all know those commercials that are so funny that make us go to a specific store. What are the secrets to make such an advertisement? You can even make a small advertisement and present it with your project.
  • The management team. It does not matter how good a store is or how good their products are. If the management team is not professional, there will be no clients. Explain how the manager should be, how should he handle critical situations and so on.
  • Magazines. Nowadays, anyone can be a writer. This is because anyone can publish anything on the Internet. On the other hand, magazines have to struggle to make sure that they are successful. How can a magazine gather the right audience? What kind of writers they have to hire?
  • Internet companies. We can easily notice that online companies are more and more popular. This is because it is comfortable to make shopping in front of the computer, without having to actually go to the store. Is this a business for the future?
  • Music and colors. Did you know that when we listen to a certain type of music, we spend more money? Also, if a restaurant is painted in certain colors, clients will eat more.

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