Helpful Directions On How To Write A Good Dissertation Introduction

The introduction of your dissertation is an important part of your writing because it requires you to engage your audience and present your topic to them. This is the first thing a reader will see about your paper so you need to make sure you leave a strong impression on the professor. It is not necessary that you begin the writing process with the introduction; rather you can write the body first and then create the introduction and conclusion at the end to match with the overall direction. However, in the official format, the introduction will be the first section of your dissertation. This plays a vital role in bringing your reader from his world to yours and adding a hook in a manner that can actually make your reader curious and make them interested in the rest of your assignment.

Students often feel confused when writing the introduction for their academic projects like thesis or research papers because they are new to the assignment time. You need to keep in mind that the purpose of the introduction will remain the same like any basic academic paper. The only difference is that you will have to refine your writing style and approach towards the subject as this is for an advanced level degree. The functionality and structure of the introduction does not change.

To be able to create a winning introduction for your assignment, you need to keep a few important things in your mind

  • The first thing you need is the research and data that you will include in the opening of your paper. You need to devise a methodology and collect your data carefully. Once you have the raw data, you need to analyze it and figure out which one you want to use in the opening of your paper. Try to include an important piece of information that can leave your readers wondering what else they will see in your paper
  • The readers expect everything from the rest of your paper after seeing the introduction. They will decide if the rest of your assignment is worth spending their time after they read the beginning. You should write in a precise and clear manner so that you can engage and impress your readers
  • The introduction of your paper needs to have a thesis statement where you will define the extract and scope of your paper to the audience

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