Dissertation Topics In Education – 20 Problems Worth Writing About

When you are asked to write a dissertation in education, you must understand by now the importance of a good topic. To make things easier for you, here are some simple problems that you can address when writing about education in your dissertation:

  1. Discuss how violence in school disrupts the learning system
  2. Explain some of the challenges of politically supported schools
  3. Explain how the government can act to change the current rate of school dropouts
  4. Discuss why parents are abandoning their parenting duties to the teachers
  5. Explain how expulsion in school is just the root cause of a bigger problem, and not a solution
  6. Drugs in schools are a menace. Explain how the school system feeds this menace instead of stopping it
  7. Discuss some challenges that pregnant girls face in school
  8. Explain how a young mother can make it back to school effortlessly, after giving birth, and go on to become a success
  9. Discuss the areas where society is failing in as far as the ills in the learning environment are concerned
  10. Explain some of the challenges that the juvenile system has with respect to education
  11. Discuss whether teachers these days have an easier or a tougher task with the prevalence of the internet
  12. Cite reasons why inappropriate funding has become one of the main reasons for the failure of the educational system
  13. Discuss challenges that are faced by students who do not do so well in elite schools
  14. Parents tend to impose on their kids when they had a stellar academic performance in their day. Discuss some of the problems that this brings to their children
  15. Sports and academics have often been considered to be conflicting areas. Explain how these two can coexist
  16. Is it fair for students to be denied performance in sports because they are not performing well in class? Discuss.
  17. Compare and contrast sports based scholarships and merit based scholarships, and the disparity that exists in the benefits they bestow upon the students
  18. Discuss why students who have sexual relationships with their teachers need more help than is being accorded to them
  19. Explain challenges in the oversight committees in schools, which make it easier for bullying to proceed even to date.
  20. Compare and contrast same sex schools and normal learning institutions, in terms of their performance and overall benefits to the students

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