How To Compose A Decent PhD Thesis In Journalism: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stories have always been part of the human existence. They use the imagination and this was necessary to foster creative thinking at a time when every man woman and child had to figure out things in a dangerous environment in order to live. While times have calmed down significantly since then, we still need entertainment. Our songs, the movies and televisions shows that we watch and even the novels that we read are all stories even if they are delivered to us in diverse forms.

One version of the story telling tradition that survives to this day is journalism. People in this field take the stories from real life and word them in ways that readers will enjoy. If you have reached to the PhD level in journalism, you should be very proud of your ability to write and spot a good tale yourself. In the creation of your thesis, try following this fabulous guide:

  • Make sure you understand journalism well enough
  • Many people think they know what they are doing but discover the contrary after a while. This is terrible and can result in them looking for advice in all the wrong places. Be wiser than this.

  • Look at samples that have done well
  • If you are still a bit clueless, try looking for theses that have been successfully written by other PhD candidates. These can show you where to start and how your own work will look at completion.

  • Brainstorm topics
  • There are so many things you can make your paper about when you are writing about writing. A good area to start from is the slow and painful death that print journalism is experiencing at present. Everyone is witnessing it.

  • Amass the relevant research material as early as possible
  • If you are a creative procrastinator you probably never notice when you put off one task in order to do another less important one. This is very bad for your nerves and if you cut it too close you may find yourself actually missing a deadline. This may destroy you.

  • Submit early so you can ask for corrections
  • This may seem like a bit much but it is very helpful. If you have the whole thing put together and then get a sense of where you went wrong, your final submission will be absolutely flawless. Just try it.


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