The Best Way To Compose A History Dissertation Outline

A dissertation or also known as thesis is a document which is submitted in support of a candidate for the completion of an academic or professional degree. It represents the author’s research work and findings. Such work is a part of a bachelors and masters degree and also extends to doctorate qualifications as well. These documents are popularly known as grey literature.

While writing a research paper or a thesis, the most important part is to write an outline. An outline proves to be a great aid as it allows you to connect links between different areas, also ensuring that you do not repeat the same thing twice.

A good and effective outline will help you keep a track of your ideas and will also act as a road map for a brilliant paper. If your thesis is smaller in size for around a few thousand words then outline is not essential but for a longer paper it becomes mandatory to write an outline as you need to gather a great amount of resources for it.

Outlines for thesis can be written according to different formats. These formats and structures are specified by the college but the most common one used is the MLA standard format. In these major headings like introduction, methodology etc is written in upper case roman numerals, I, II etc. Main headings are further divided into subheading which uses A, B, C and 1,2,3.

One popular subject where dissertation is required to be submitted is in history. Though you will find a lot of resources and matter on this subject, writing a paper can be a tedious task. In order to make it simpler, it is necessary for you write an outline for it as it will help you structure your thoughts in a proper way,

Some useful tips on how to write an outline include:

  • While using Word or Open Office, ensure that the levels of your outline are corresponding to the headings mentioned in the Word processing program.
  • Keep modifying an adjusting your outline as you proceed. No one can write perfect outlines in one go.
  • Even if MLA format is specified by your instructor, you should keep checking with them as there may be other details mentioned by them in regard to the structure and format.

To go through outline samples, you can always refer to the internet or also go the library.


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