27 Innovative Human Geography Dissertation Ideas

If you are looking for some highly inspirational Geography topics to carry your dissertation, check out the list below-

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  1. Draw a comparative analysis between Chicago and Edinburgh during 19th century. Compare their economies, developmental system and ecosystems.
  2. Write a review on urban Geography citing strengths and weaknesses. Study various parts of cities and spatial reconstitution in terms of post industrial era.
  3. Write a dissertation on ecological hazards as a result of coastal erosion. Discuss the preventive measures to be opted.
  4. What is the contribution of red mangroves in different spheres of lives?
  5. Discuss the changes in the Everglades caused due to weather conditions.
  6. Discuss the serious consequences of deforestation on our ecosystem.
  7. What changes in weather is impacting our coastal ecosystem?
  8. State the consequences of Kobe earthquake and its long term consequences.
  9. Talk about the floods in Bangladesh and its future consequences.
  10. Discuss the desserts of various parts of the world? Make a comparative analysis of desserts of North Pole and those present at the South Pole.
  11. What physical factors made Canada a leading producer of diamonds?
  12. What are the fascinating clandestine of caves and caverns?
  13. What are the factors that are accountable for vast difference between the wild life and forests in U.S.?
  14. Discuss the formation of mountains and their degeneration. Talk about the geomorphologic processes that contribute to this process.
  15. Discuss the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon. How it impacts tides on earth.
  16. What is wildlife corridor? Discuss it in contrast to human developed areas for developing various species of wildlife?
  17. Why Aurora Borealis is considered as the Earth’s most tantalizing light show?
  18. Talk about the extreme biodiversity of Mega diverse countries? Why they are so special?
  19. How environment is shaping the developmental prospects in North Eastern Thailand?
  20. What is contemporary gentrification? Why it is considered as a global urban strategy?
  21. What is the function of GIS in determining real locations? How digital data can be integrated with it?
  22. Differentiate between an open coast and sandy coastline?
  23. What is the effect of elevation, latitude and longitude positions on weather conditions? How distribution of water bodies and land areas affect the weather?
  24. How volcanic eruption takes place?
  25. Disuses the principle of relativism?
  26. What is the impact of rising global warming on planet earth?
  27. Why earthquake occurs?

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