Finance Dissertation Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is generally acknowledged that writing a dissertation is a time- and labor-consuming activity. However, this is the best way to sum up everything that you have been studying at the university, demonstrate your ability to conduct a research, analyze data, and draw conclusions.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Writing about Finance

The aim of your paper is to present some new knowledge and do this in a persuasive and fascinating way. Your paper will contain lots of numbers, graphics, and tables. Therefore, it's important to balance interesting as well as useful information and numerical data that you'll get while carrying out your research. You should also employ your analytical and writing skills.

How to Organize Your Work on a Finance Dissertation

By your last year of study, you, for sure, have got interested in certain themes, problems, and aspects dealing with finance. Therefore, you are ready to commence writing your paper. The dissertation should meet the requirements as to the format, and its writing presupposes following certain steps:

  1. Narrow an interesting theme to the topic of the paper.
  2. Consider your preferences in the field of finance and decide what you'd like to write about. The more interesting the topic is for you, the easier the work will be. Correlate the probable amount of the material to the limits as to the size of the paper. It's also important to evaluate the availability of data that you'll need for investigation and analysis.

  3. Discuss the topic with your professor or advisor.
  4. This may be helpful for elaboration of the thesis proposal that you'll test for supporting or rejecting in your work.

  5. Formulate the final variant of the thesis proposal.
  6. Thesis proposal should prove the importance of your topic. In this, you'll inform about the methods you're going to apply in you research. You should also state what goal you want to achieve in the paper.

  7. Gather and organize the necessary data.
  8. Get acquainted with all possible sources related to your topic. Conduct the necessary research, analyze the data received in the process of it, and present the results in the most persuasive manner.

  9. Work out the outline of your dissertation.
  10. Organize the material according to the following format:

    • Introduction.
    • Literature review.
    • Methods applied.
    • Analysis of the data and discussion of the results.
    • Conclusion.
  11. Write the first draft which will be talked over with your scientific advisors.
  12. Make necessary corrections and re-write, if necessary, certain parts of the dissertation.

  13. Write the final version of the paper.

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