Finding A Well-Written Dissertation Example In Tourism

It is very easy to find a dissertation example in tourism. The challenge is to get a proofread example that will help you produce an excellent paper. Use of a low quality paper will compromise your performance. Here are tips that will assist you in finding the best example.

Search in the Right Places

The source of a sample paper will determine its quality. There are accredited sources of examples that provide a guarantee for quality. These sources include;

  • The library- libraries are meant to search academic staff and students by providing the best quality resources. This includes samples of papers on various topics and a wide range of disciplines. You are guaranteed a quality paper once you turn to the library for assistance.
  • Your supervisor or committee- these are members of a team tasked with providing guidance in your academic journey. Their experience in academics enables them to provide direction on reliable sources of reference materials. Their samples are high quality and specific to your needs since they understand your endeavor.
  • Online- look for tourism dissertation samples from reliable writing agencies. Ask for a referral from a friend, colleague, supervisor, senior, etc. You will only be referred to a site that offers the best examples. This will save you time and resources spent in trial and error.

Make Your Search Specific

The results you obtain depend on the details you provide during a search. Indicate the tourism topic you would like an example on, name of the author, institution, year of publication, etc. Other details that would make your search easier include the formatting style. There are fundamental differences in formatting styles. Failure to include these details will only produce a misleading document.

Know What You are Looking For

It is impossible to judge the quality of a dissertation sample without knowing what you need. A well-written paper in APA will lead to failure if the instructions indicated that your paper should be in MLA. The secret is to understand the instructions and endeavor to find a sample that matches them closely. Ensure that you understand the topic you required to write on and any other details that will make your paper unique.

When using a dissertation example, do not copy any section. This is considered as plagiarism and attracts heavy penalties. Ensure that you customize your paper depending on specific instructions issued other than following what the example provides to the letter.


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