A Complete Tutorial On How To Construct A Dissertation Thesis Statement

Your dissertation is written to contribute something new to the science and also to attract the attention of readers. As you may know, an introduction, and especially a thesis statement, play a big role in the process of attraction of readers’ attention. At MyCustomEssay.com you can get reliable help to create an impressive thesis. For more information, visit their website.

What a Great Thesis Statement Is?

  • It’s precise and contains no useless stuff.
  • It makes a certain claim that boosts the readers’ interest.
  • It gives the readers a hint on the main idea of the work.

How You Should Compose It

  • Make sure that the statement and the claim do not discover the entire topic. Otherwise, the readers will see no sense in reading on. Besides that, it can seem that the topic is too simple.
  • The thesis statement is not necessarily positive. Instead, if you claim that, for example, a point of view or an argument are unsound, your readers will certainly be attracted and caught.
  • If you are making a positive statement about a certain point of view, keep it’s weak points in mind and even mention them in your statement. Yet, explain your attraction to this point of view to the readers, speaking about the prospects that this opinion may have or about how few drawbacks it has compared to other points of view.

How You Should NOT Compose It

  • If you do think that a certain opinion or theory is the best one that can be found around, you should not make your statement like that. Chances of adequately defending such a point of view are very weak. Instead, you will seem to be too ambitious and non-professional.
  • You should never make statements that no sensible person will argue. For example, if you claim that death is bad and life is good, your statement will not arise any interest in your readers.
  • If you claim that you will discuss a certain theory in your dissertation, it’s not enough. A good statement is supposed to explain your own position on the researched subject.
  • You should never compose your statement as a belief. Nobody cares what you believe and what you don’t. Instead, you should provide the readers with arguments why you think this way.
  • Your thesis statement should never be ambiguous, unclear, or lacking preciseness, even though it’s supposed to be quite laconic. Its content and meaning are more important, so it will not be a crime if you add a sentence that will explain your point of view effectively.
  • Never claim that your opinion is the only one that’s ideal and correct.

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