Writing A Chicago Style Dissertation: Basic Citations Rules

Writing your dissertation in the Chicago style is something that not so many students have often taken their time to think about. In most cases students only worry themselves about writing in the likes of MLA and Harvard, and ignore Chicago altogether. This is not a very good thing. You should make sure that when you are learning, you take time and consider all the options that are available at your disposal. You can never be too sure where the teacher will choose to give you some work to do next, so you should think about this all the time.

When it comes to presenting your dissertation in the Chicago style, there are some things that you should take seriously. These are the citation rules that will make your paper stand out from the rest, and help you score more marks than perhaps your classmates who might not have followed the instructions as requested by the teacher.

The following are some basic guidelines that should help you get an easier time with the task at your disposal:

  • Pagination
  • Line spacing
  • Captivating content


One thing that often gets a lot of students to fail is something as simple as pagination. Choosing to list your pages appropriately is something that you should not take for granted. It is very easy to notice. Therefore when you look at things closely, you will realize that this is the first thing your teacher will look at and then decide whether to award you top marks or not.

When working on this paper, the pages need to be numbered on the top of the page. You however have the freedom to choose to align your numbering on the left, right or the center of the page.

Line spacing

When you are writing your paper in the Chicago format, you should also consider the spacing that you use for your work. According to the general instructions, you are supposed to double space your work. This makes it so neat and presentable. Other than that, you are also supposed to have a one inch margin on all sides of your paper.

Captivating content

Other than these glaring concepts that you should not miss, one of the other things that you should not ignore is to come up with some really good content that you can present for your paper. It needs to make sense, and discuss relevant points for it to be credible.


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