How To Conduct Data Analysis For A Dissertation Proposal

Preparing for your dissertation can be really stressful, and every student knows this very well. You will have to work for a few weeks just to get your primary draft done, and even more to put everything together. Of course, before you can even think about this you have to present a proposal to your professor. This is a way of letting him know what subject you are planning to explore and how you will gather all the information. This is how you have to conduct data analysis for this project:

  • Decide what you want to find out and why. Before you start gathering and organizing any data, you must know exactly what you are looking for. The general topic is not enough in this case, because it would take you months to collect some useful information. What are you planning to prove with your project? How can this improve the life of the people on long term?
  • Do you need any accurate information? And by this, I mean numbers, charts, statistics. If yes, you should collect these first and write them down. It will take some research to make sure that these are completely correct, but otherwise you can compromise your entire piece for a few wrong numbers. Once you are done with these, you can move on.
  • Filter the sources. For example, there are millions of pages on the Internet and each one of them contains some information. However, how many of them are really trustworthy? Only a small percent. You can not risk taking information from obscure pages; it would be completely awkward for you to present your project in front of your professor and to hear someone saying that what you wrote is incorrect or fake. If you are no sure about an idea or evidence and you can’t find enough data about it, it’s better to avoid using it in your text.
  • Write down the entire process and the results. In a text like this, it is not enough to write the result that you obtained; if you don’t write the entire process, everything will be compromised. Your professor needs to know that you did not change the results of the experiment, and for this you have to give him complete access to everything you did. If you are honest in your research, everything will be fine.

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