A List Of Interesting Dissertation Ideas In Anthropology

    Anthropology is the scientific study involving the origin, varieties and development of human beings and their societies. Anthropology has four major areas of study:

  • Biological/physical anthropology- This is the systematic study of the non-cultural and near-human aspects. By near human, we mean the likes of monkeys and apes. The main area of focus is human evolution.
  • Cultural or social-cultural anthropology- It focuses on learning the cultural aspects of the human societies globally. They focus on issues such as religious beliefs, social and political organizations among others.
  • Linguistic anthropology- Focuses on the human communication process. Specific issues they focus on may include non-verbal communication and the structure and function of language.
  • Archeology-The major interest is in recovering prehistory and the life led by early societies and their cultures.

Given the four divisions, it is now easy to develop a dissertation idea. The first step is to find what branch of archeology fascinates you and narrow your focus.

A list of interesting dissertation ideas

  1. Social changes in reference to housing and health care-This is an aspect of the socio-cultural branch of anthropology.
  2. How language influences social life
  3. Same-sex relationships, violence, and desires
  4. Forests as a source of power and fuel
  5. The rediscovery of a language and the renaissance of culture: A comparative study
  6. The changing social structure and perception of escort work
  7. Career woman in the contemporary world: pursuing identities and fashioning lives
  8. Infected kin: AIDS, Orphan care, and family
  9. Livelihood and social- environment changes
  10. Anthropology and human security
  11. Religion, nationalism, and ethnicity
  12. Camouflaged identities and army wives
  13. The gendered dimensions of local foreign interactions
  14. The production and reproduction of tribal identity
  15. Gender violence, human rights, and state NGO community relations
  16. Unequal partners: Sex, power, money, HIV and relationships
  17. Gayism and child adoption and fostering
  18. Effects of mother’s schooling on the health of the child
  19. Gay men and cultural politics
  20. Changing ideals of fatness, nourishment, and health
  21. Internal displacement: Violence, resettlement, and resistance
  22. Migration, work, and masculinity
  23. Exploring models of economic inequality and the impact of mental and physical health outcomes
  24. Gender, ethnicity, infrastructure and use of financial institutions
  25. Opportunistic infections
  26. Activism, sex workers and womanhood
  27. Negotiating public health and pregnancy
  28. Negotiating culture as refugees
  29. Household diversification and children’s economic socialization
  30. Reproductive politics, religion and state governance
  31. The political economy of gender, sex and family among immigrants
  32. Gender and schooling in the contemporary societies
  33. Climate change perceptions and institutional responses
  34. The changing structure of independent education and aspiration desires

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