Everything You Should Know About Dissertation Citation In The MLA Style

When writing a dissertation you may be required to follow MLA formatting style (Modern Language Association). This includes following a specific layout and formatting structure when presenting details used to write the dissertation. The MLA formatting includes citing sources, developing a layout for the page, and in some cases present written content for publication. Here are points to help you learn more about this format and how to execute it correctly.

  • Guidelines for your dissertation citation should be followed carefully. While there are specific details that should adhere to the formatting style no matter what you are writing about, your professor or instructor may mention additional details they want you to remember about the style that can be very important, especially if you don’t want to lose points on your project.
  • There are different ways to cite a website, video, or something you want to use from social media. When referring to sources used as part of your research you are required to follow specific instruction on how to cite sources such as a video clip, magazine article or book excerpt. Pay attention to this information and be sure to spell details such as names and titles correctly. In some cases proper credit will not be given if something is misspelled or left out.
  • Details such as title, author, school name, date, and type of document may be placed on the page in a specific format. This formatting style may require a double space or centering of information on the page. Certain details such as page number and title may be displayed in the upper corner of each page depending on what is required.
  • Check citation guidelines for MLA and review basics before attempting to cite your own content. There are students known for getting certain elements of MLA formatting incorrect because they try to cite information on their own or don’t double check their material. Not reviewing information could lead to improper credit of work.
  • Last name first name format applies when mentioning works from author (multiple authors and no author). If you are citing work from a book pay attention to how the name of the author is presented. Even if there is no author there is a specific way to note this in your content. Look for examples online through college universities on how to cite such content.

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