Homeschooling Freethinkers

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This table was compiled to help you determine whether the listed curricula are secular. Note that we are not endorsing or recommending these curricula. Curricula are ranked as follows: (Y) - Secular; (N) Not secular; (Y*) Secular with reservations; (N*) Not secular with reservations.


Publisher / Author Curricula Secular? Comments
A Beka   N A Beka is affiliated with the Pensacola Christian College and “takes a firm Biblical literalist and young earth creationist position in its science curriculum.” - Wikipedia
Accelerated Christian Education   N  
Advanced Training Institute International   N  
Alpha Omega Publications Switched-on-Schoolhouse; LIFEPAC; Horizons; The Weaver; Power-Glide N  
Ambleside Online   N  
Bob Jones University Press Bob Jones N
Calvert School Calvert Home School Y
Curriculum Services Y
Enki Education Enki Homeschooling N Waldorf and Buddhist-inspired spiritual focus; promotes pseudoscience such as homeopathy.
Franklin Watts Y* Except perhaps for some of the Religious Education books.
Galore Park   Y
Hands on Homeschooling   N See FAQs. What supplementary materials do you need to purchase? Guess!
Intellego Unit Studies Unit Studies Y Electronic, web-linked.
Oak Meadow Oak Meadow N This curriculum is an adaptation of Waldorf education, which is the practical application of anthroposophy, a spiritual philosophy created by Rudolph Steiner. See Oak Meadow and Waldorf and
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine; Arthur B. Robinson Robinson Curriculum N Their article Our children must be able to think, reads in part "In order to take our country back from the secular humanists - back from those who have abandoned the Christian values and disciplines that made America great - back from the evil that is destroying our society..." See also Learn to Think Scientifically.
Pearson   Y  
Press For Learning Nebel's Elementary Education Y Science-focused elementary curriculum
Rod and Staff   N  
S&S Learning Materials Y
Sonlight   N  
Teacher Created Resources Y
Well-Trained Mind   N The book recommends Christian curricula and requiries due diligence and substitutions for secular use. See this article by the author Susan Wise Bauer.